We're On A Mission

Reimagine how teams work with data

Tools have been built to support software development. Data is different. Data is our priority.

We challenge the status quo.

Inconvenience should not be tolerated. Data orgs become complacent with subpar tools and one-off hacked solutions. At Tobiko, we imagine the ideal data workflow. Then we build it.

Tyson, Toby, and Iaroslav's headshots

Founded by Iaroslav Zeigerman and brothers Tyson and Toby Mao, our team has worked with the largest data stacks in the world.

We have experience with problems at every scale and the vision to be effective for startups and for the largest enterprises.

The Tobiko team smiling for the camera against a colorful backdrop at a team offsite at The Escape Game, Las Vegas
Our Team
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