There is a better way to ship data

Tobiko is a data transformation platform that ships data faster, more efficiently, and with fewer mistakes — backwards compatible with dbt™

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There's a better way

Graph comparing SQLMesh against other tools. X-axis is the number of tables, and Y-axis is the time spent building tables. SQLMesh takes less time across the board, and the time spent building tables grows more slowly per additional tables than it does with other tools.

Transform, test, and observe your data pipelines in one place

Avoid debugging clunky Jinja and define your models in SQL. Tobiko works at startup and at enterprise scale.

Our Approach

Semantic understanding, column-level lineage, unit testing Data diff, minimize rebuilds Automated data contracts, impact analysis CI/CD, synced code + data, blue/green deployments, rollbacks Virtual data environments

Tobiko understands the SQL you write and improves developer productivity by finding issues at compile time.

Audits and Data Diff provide validation and make it easy to trust the datasets you produce.

Every change is analyzed and is automatically categorized as either breaking or non-breaking

When mistakes happen, seamlessly roll back to the prior version, allowing teams to reduce downtime in production.

Tobiko creates dynamic representations of your data while ensuring tables are never built more than once.

Works With The Tools You Use Today

Run your dbt™ project as-is and unlock the power of Tobiko.

Illustration of how Tobiko can fit in to your current workflow because it works with a variety of data warehouses and is compatible with dbt™

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Save money, save time, make fewer mistakes

Our Projects


Next generation data transformation and modeling framework.

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Python based framework for SQL parsing, transpiling, and column-level lineage.

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